Friendly money

We invest in exceptional founders who are changing world’s future through technology. It’s a daunting task. That’s why when we join forces, you gain not only an investor but also a friend who will have your back. It does not mean we will always agree, but it means, that we will build a relationship based on trust and honesty.

Smart money. Really!

Our founders are smarter than us in their respective domains. We have experience in scaling companies. That’s why we commit a lot of time, effort and resources to support our founders, so they achieve a global success and build a lasting company. Because of this approach, we make relatively few, selective invetsments, so we can keep the necessary focus.

Full Speed

We make fast investment decisions, so that your fundraising takes less time and you can focus on your business. We also believe, that 90% of success is execution. That’s why we work with you on a daily basis “in the trenches” in such a way that all the growth puzzles fall in place at the right moments and your growth trajectory is truly exponential.

Companies we look for

We invest in companies with initial traction, that solve an important problem or deliver a meaningful solution. Companies, that have all the right ingredients to become global or regional leaders in their respective niches. We perceive technology as an enabler, thus it has to create a competitive edge over competition.

But above all we invest in strong teams behind those companies. Founders with backgrounds that give them unfair advantage to deliver a solution. Who have the vision and drive to make it big. Teams, proven in a battle, who continue working well with respect for each other.

We typically invest €1.0m-4.0m as a first ticket and keep substantial reserves to continue supporting the company. However, for interesting investments we can go substantially above those thresholds.

CEE is our playground but we prioritize companies with a strong connection to Poland.